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Provide visibility to companies, products and services


A key element in brand communication is the correct identification and transmission of the values that differentiate that brand from its competitors.

This type of visibility may be achieved through PR (press releases, events with key opinion leaders, media presence…) and/or through advertisement (adwords and social media ads).

Identify targets, involve key opinion leaders, communicate effectively and efficiently, support PR with well dimensioned ads campaigns and reach objectives. These are the usual steps that we take when launching a product, a service or even a company.

Build, improve and recover corporate reputation


Reputation has a direct impact on transactional operations. The digital footprint, created by both active and passive corporate communications, is one of the key elements that will allow us to improve operations, wether they belong to areas such as sales, PR, customer support, etc.

As Internet has become the key area to search for information, and having in mind that Google never forgets, knowing what information appears on Internet, its nature and its relevance is paramount in order to manage corporate reputation. This information may help us identify both areas of strength and areas of improvement.

Our experience in crisis management, mainly in the technology and food industries, upholds our capacity to respond and manage the recovery from your on-line crisis.

Social Media Management

Social Media

Presence in media and in social media is not an end but a mean to achieve specific goals. From this perspective we design roadmaps for the different channels, working with quantitative and qualitative objectives, analyzing key performance indicators (KPI) to reach them.

Before taking an action, it is key to define the goals and to plan a strategy. We must know what we want to accomplish, the best way to achieve it, how are we going to measure success, and we must plan alternatives in case the results are not the expected ones.

In most cases we just need to ask the right questions and look for the best possible answers. At Logic Activity we manage from the necessary tasks involved in particular PR actions to the definition and execution of a global marketing strategy.

Technology and video games PR

Tecnology and video games PR

We work primarily with clients from information technology, digital entertainment and e-commerce sector, but we have experience in other sectors such as pharmaceutical, automotive or food.

We have an extensive experience with the video game market, working on releases for both traditional market and mobile. This experience, coupled with the extensive knowledge we have on Spanish technology media make us one of the few specialized agencies in this sector.

We like to think that the secret of success is to treat journalists and analysts as human beings and not just as communication channels. We work hard to make things easier for them. We may need them, but we never forget how much we need them.

Whether for multinationals or small business, we always strive to provide outstanding solutions and to develop lasting relationships based on trust.

Market Research

Market Research

A clear view of the market situation and potential competitors is essential when undertaking a new venture.

Market research provides information on the feasibility of the action, helps to define the target audience, in quantitative and qualitative terms, and helps identify stakeholders.

It is helpful for positioning and developing strategies, and also to identify and understand the added value and main differences with possible competitors.

Thanks to these market researchs our customers know the status and potential of the product or service their business is centered on. A handy tool for the development of a marketing plan.

Training Courses

Training Courses

Internet continues its evolution transforming the way of communicating and reaching consumers.

A fast changing scenario where companies must know how to proceed in order to maximize results.
Logic Activity trainning offer includes tailored in company sessions to meet your business needs. From corporate presence across social media channels, to online reputation management or how to prepare, manage and recover from a crisis.